Smart heating control

Save money on your gas and electricity bills with smart heating control

With the Loxone Miniserver at the heart of the system it’s easy to maximise the efficiency of your house. You can control individual room temperatures and schedules through a simple interface accessed via your smart phone or tablet.

Why smart energy?

  • Only heat the rooms you use
  • Turn off heating when people leave rooms
  • Fine tune your heating across the day
  • Give your heating a quick boost directly from your smartphone
  • Gone are those unsightly thermostats
  • Monitor your energy usage
  • Make sure that you’re using all your self-generated energy

The system is so smart that it works out how long a particular room takes to get to your desired temperature so you can be guaranteed when you go down for breakfast your kitchen will feel just right.

All heating sources can be integrated; conventional radiators, underfloor heating or plinth heaters. Even if you use a woodburner or open fireplace the heating in the radiators or underfloor heating is switched off or reduced.

Loxone Heating Control on Ipad

Loxone Heating Control on Ipad

Summer Cooling

Save energy by using automated blinds to maintain cooling on those hot summer days, save money on air conditioning costs.

Heres a blog from Loxone to help explain in a little more detail how heating and cooling can be incorporated into your smart home.

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