Smart home security

Your house security at your fingertips

Find out who is at the door before opening it by using an intercom that gives you a live view of your entrance and then speak to them wherever you are. So, if you’ve popped down to the shops, you will never miss that important delivery or leave your visitor out in the rain. This works in tandem with your mobile phone or Tablet.

Smart Home Security

Bespoke Alarm System

A bespoke smart alarm system can be set up for those unwanted visitors. This immediately alerts you or a with a phone call, flash all the lights in the house and garden, raise all the blinds so there is nowhere to hide.

With your smart alarm, you can also set up push notifications or send emails to anyone. You can have a siren blasted through the house, it can also be integrated with other dedicated alarm systems.

Monitor who is coming into the house

You can arm and disarm the alarm by using a very simple i-button. This could be very useful for checking the kids have arrived home or perhaps making sure that the carers have arrived to look after your elderly relatives.

When arming the alarm, the system can alert you to any windows or doors that may have been left open too.

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Here is a video from Loxone showing the benefits of Smart Security.