Smart lighting

Create the perfect atmosphere with smart lighting

Make sure your home is as welcoming as it can be. Affordable smart lighting allows you to be in full control of your lighting giving you control of different lighting moods to suit any occasion.

Why smart lighting?

  • Set different lighting moods at different times of the day and night.
  • Relax. Change your lights to a warm tone to aid home well-being.
  • Work. A brighter, cooler light will help aid focus.
  • Save money; have the lights switch off automatically when the room is not being used

Automate your lighting

Program your smart home to work for you.

  • Flash lights when someone is at the door so you don’t wake your children.
  • Presence simulation; lights switch on and off while you’re away.
  • Turn lights on as you enter a room.
  • Dim light automatically at bedtime.
  • Automatically change to warmer tones at night.

We will design and install your smart lighting, in your home and garden. Whether it be coloured LED strips or spots to create that special mood for entertaining your guests or practical lighting for highlighting dimmed pathways to the bathroom at night.

We’re happy to provide free, no obligation quotes for your smart home installation. Contact Uniqhome for more information.

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