Creative lighting

Create the perfect atmosphere with creative lighting moods

Creative lighting can really enhance the look and feel of your home. It can be used to highlight special architectural features of your home, create a relaxed and informal atmosphere or add a splash of colour for parties and celebrations. The app allows you to be in full control of your lighting, add and edit moods to suit any occasion.

Mimicking the sun’s natural effect, known as “Cicadian lighting”  by adjusting the colour temperature of lighting through the day has the power to positively affect your health, alertness and productivity. 


  • Set different lighting moods and scroll through them from a single switch position, no need to have a bank of switches or go around the room switching on and off individual lamps.
  • Lighting moods that trigger automatically as you enter the room, even different moods for different times of the day and night.
  •  Never forget to switch off the lights as they switch off automatically when the room is not being used.

Additional Features

We program your smart home to work for you.

  • Flash lights when someone is at the door so you don’t wake your children.
  • Presence simulation; lights switch on and off, blinds lower, radio switches on on off while you’re away on holiday, giving the impression that someone is always home.
  • Dim lights automatically at bedtime.

We will design, install and integrate your lighting, in your home and garden. Whether it be coloured LED strips or spots to create that special mood for entertaining your guests or practical lighting for highlighting dimmed pathways to the bathroom at night.

We can integrate every kind of lighting fixture, whether it is controlled through KNX, Dali, DMX, 0-10V or using Loxone’s proprietary Tree Lighting, which can significantly reduce the amount of cabling required.

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