Pricing Guide

How much does smart home cost?

We offer a free consultation (depending on location) enabling us to give an estimated cost for installation and commissioning cost of the project. This includes programming to an agreed specification or to the “Loxone standard”.

Each project is individual and the project requirements differ from one to the next and will be priced accordingly.

How much the investment will cost will vary considerably taking into account the diverse factors of;

  • size of the house and location
  • features and specification
  • hardware considerations
  • wiring topology

We believe that if you are building a house or carrying out a major refurbishment it is essential to wire for the 21st century.

There are so many reasons for this and here are just a few;

  • having automated control over heating / cooling and lighting offers considerable savings as well as reducing your carbon footprint
  • the ability to monitor your house when you are not there.
  • thinking of selling, new purchasers are ever more expecting to have smart home features already in place.

Wireless £5K+ – based on a wireless solution for a three bedroom house

Designed for those who do not want to open your walls up or just don’t want the inconvenience of the disruption that building work inevitably causes, we offer  comprehensive wireless solutions. Once you have bought the brains of the system, the Miniserver Go  or the Miniserver plus Air Base Extension, then there are a whole plethora of wireless goodies to play with. With the wireless package you would typically have control of lighting , zoned heating and security, integration of smoke alarms, flood protection.

Standard £20K+ – based on a wired solution for a three bedroom house

With the standard package you would have control of lighting and zoned heating and security, integration of smoke alarms, Intercom and blind control

Deluxe 40K+ – based on a wired solution for a three bedroom house

With the deluxe package you would have control of lighting and zoned heating and security, integration of smoke alarms, Intercom and blind control, Multi-room Audio, Smart Energy Monitoring, Zoned heating, Full Lighting Control, Blind Control

 “I’m really interested in finding out more, how do I go about it?”

How we work

First meeting

The way we approach our projects is firstly to provide a free consultation this will normally take place on site or at UniQhome as we can also demonstrate our Smart home in action, or this can be a conversation by phone or Skype.


Based on this initial meeting, we would come up with a ball park quote for your project. This is to give you an idea on the rough cost.

Consultation and design

At this point if you are happy to proceed we would;

a) draw up contracts or

b) we could enter into a consultation process (charged at an hourly rate) we would then discuss the project in finer detail going over all the options available, this is a no obligation arrangement and you are not tied into proceeding with the installation with us.


The next step in the process is the first fix, this is when all the cable infrastructure is put into place, we are flexible and understand that you may have an certified electrician in place so the wiring plan can then be handed over to them. However, we would then need them to verify the installation to ensure that all cables are not damaged and that they are in the correct place.

The enclosure housing the equipment is built of site and then installed during the second fix when all the dust is settled. Finally all that is left to do is program the system to the Loxone standard and then the “handover” where we show you how to use the app and then all you have to do is sit back enjoy your smart home.


We will program your smart home to the Loxone standard or to an agreed specification, so that you have in place all the functionality that you require from your switch plates/buttons, remote controls and of course the app on your phone, tablet or pc.


This is where we show you how to use the equipment we have installed to make sure you are completely at ease with its operation.

We have this approach as it means the client is not tied into the whole installation with us, for instance you might want to use your own electrician and therefore use the first fix plan that we have drawn up, or perhaps use us to build the enclosure or just use our consultancy service.


All our installations are guaranteed for a year from the installation date (the date the Miniserver is registered).

Our Business Hours

Our business hours are Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm excluding public and bank holidays.

We are also provide a bespoke support packages for your peace of mind, please call us to discuss.

We’re happy to provide a free, no obligation quote for your smart home installation. Please contact UniQhome for more information.

At UniQhome we specialise in the affordable supply and installation of home cinema and smart integrated technology in East London and Essex. Find out more about UniQhome.

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