Home Cinema & Entertainment

A home cinema solution with a budget that suits you

Convert your unused room or garage into a  home cinema with full surround sound system giving you that immersive experience just as the director intended.

Your dream cinema experience

We can convert a room into a whole new cinematic experience with an HD projector or large HDTV, THX certified speakers and AV receiver. UniQhome will draw up a complete package to suit your requirements that can also be further enhanced by integration with a control system; lowering the blinds, lowering the projector and screen and dimming the lights.

Impress your ears, as well as your eyes

Perhaps strictly for the audiophile, the fantastic sounding and truly versatile PMC wafer 2 speaker can be installed in or on the wall or in the ceiling , the audio imaging can be directed and also can be made to look even more discrete with Wafer art so that it is heard but not seen.


Just add a PMC sub and a you have a discrete, very high quality surround sound system to rival any home cinema. PMC are the speakers of choice in many recording/dubbing and mastering studios around the world and that’s why we use them at UniQhome.

Simple Control

We can integrate all your audio visual equipment to be controlled through the Loxone app, so instead a having to find a whole host of remote controls to get your system up and running we can, for example, lower the blinds, switch on the TV, turn on the AV receiver, navigate to the correct source (sky movies) adjust the volume and dim the lights all from the touch of one button.