Multi-zone Music

Enjoy centrally-controlled music in every room of your house


We install multi-room audio systems that enable you to listen to music in every room in the house or the same music in multiple rooms, wake up to your favourite radio station and have it playing as you enter the kitchen for breakfast.

Works with Spotify..


Loxone offer a 4 to 20 zone multi room audio system, which is compatible with all your favourite music channels, including Spotify and TuneIn. You can store your entire music library (250,000 songs) on the music server so it’s readily accessible in any or all of the rooms in the house. You can create separate playlists and separate favourite radio stations for each room.

Also included with a music server are wireless zones, so you can hook up your favourite speaker and also stream music using Airplay.

Integrated speech facility

The speakers can be used for your doorbell, alarm clock or burglar alarm. Audible reminders played over the speakers can remind you to do things you may have otherwise forgotten – never accidentally leave a window open before you go to bed again!


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