Smart Home Automation

Let the house do it all for you!

With the Loxone Smart Home System you can integrate and fully control and monitor your heating, lighting, heat pumps, air conditioning, blinds and cutains, access control, audio, tv, cctv, alarm , to name just a few,  through one umbrella app.

The little green Miniserver is at the heart of your smart home and acts like the conductor of an orchestra and cues the various functions of your home to start playing at the appropriate time

Once set up you can leave you house to do its thing, giving you time to get on with the important stuff – living.

When the system thinks it requires your attention it can send text notifications, emails, and for the more important stuff call your phone.

If you need to take control then it’s easy just to open up the app. Of course you can use your ordinary switches or perhaps a tap of the ‘Loxone touch switch’ to take control of the blinds, audio and lighting from one discrete switch.

Smart home

Energy management and monitoring

Your daily electricity usage can be constantly monitored and is readily available to view on the app.

Grid black out? No problem with the  Power Supply and Back Up

In the event of a black out on the grid the Loxone lights and audio system and the touch switches will continue to work with the new Power supply and Back up!

With the Loxone power supply and back up its also possible to further monitor your power consumption; you can see how much power your Loxone lighting is using or your Audio servers are using or in the case below the Garden “Jam Jar” Lights are using.

It is also possible to ‘load shift’ so you can make sure the house never uses too much power by switching off appliances when other heavier loads are being used. For example if you have a 60Amp main fuse, the system will ensure that if you are charging your car and are having a shower, the car charging is paused until there is sufficent headroom to ensure your main fuse will not blow.

Why smart home automation?

  • Save money on your utility bills
  • Monitor/operate your house from anywhere
  • Peace of mind – check all is okay
  • Control lighting, music, heating, access and much much more…
  • Make more time for living your life

    View your home at a glance from anywhere!

Next: Find out about heating integration

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