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"What is a Real Smart Home?"
A real smart home is a home that intelligently maximises comfort and minimises energy consumption.
"Affordable, reliable, easy to use and has put the fun back into our house, it also has given us the peace of mind to know that all is well when we're away from home!"

Smart Home Automation

One Great App Controls your Heating and Lighting, Shading, Burglar Alarm

Home Cinema & Entertainment

Convert your unused room or garage into a  home cinema with full surround sound system giving you that immersive experience just as the director intended.

Multi-zone Music

Enjoy centrally-controlled music in every room of your house with a bespoke multi-room audio system

Here are the features that you can expect in your Smart Home

Comfort & Convenience

Goodnight Button

The Goodnight button puts your home in night mode.  All the lights in the house go out, TV’s put into standby and the burglar alarm is set. Typically this could be a triple tap to a switch by your bed.

Automatic Night Lights

Once it is dark, lighting scenes will come on automatically when you enter a room. No more fumbling for the switch, and no more being dazzled by bright lights in the bathroom in the middle of the night.


If you want to ensure that lights stay off or that the pool cover remains safely across the pool, with just a tap of your phone, you can activate a ‘child lock’ and disable any button or switch throughout your home. You can also disable sockets and appliances via the App, so no need to worry about little fingers getting into mischief.

Assisted Living

Perhaps you may have limited mobility of perhaps a loss of one of your senses, a Loxone smart home can be operated entirely using an i-Pad or mobile phone if required, it can also play messages through the speakers, “you have a visitor” , or “You have left a window open” or “there is a water leak in the kitchen”. It can flash the lights when someone is at the door or when the system requires your attention! Family and carers can be alerted through text messages or phone calls.


Energy & Efficiency

Away Mode

With a triple-click on a switch as you leave  the house you can turn off all the lights throughout the house, lower the heating temperatures and switch of the TVs, the speakers, and of course, arm the alarm.

Lighting Control

As well as being able to set lighting scenes which automatically come on when entering a room, lighting can be switched off automatically if no presence is detected, either by infra red or from acoustic sensors.

Zoned Heating

With the Loxone smart home each room has it own intelligent heating or cooling control: your heating system learns how long it takes to bring a room up to temperature. This means that heating is done with pinpoint accuracy and no unnecessary energy is consumed and the room is at the perfect temperature when you need it.

Total energy consumption

Your Loxone Smart Home intelligently monitors your home’s current electricity consumption as well as your electricity production. You can view this information directly from your smartphone at all times.

Solar energy

It ensures the best use of any solar energy your home produces by directing this to help heat your water or to charge your electric car…

Security & Safety

No Internet Connection?

A Loxone intelligent home does not rely on an internet connection to work, all the switches, heating control and lighting will continue to work as you would expect. If you do want to operate your home when you are away your connection is secured and encrypted through SSL.


With a Loxone intercom you can see and speak to whoever is at the door from anywhere in the world.

Panic Button

Any switch can be used as panic alarm this could brightly flash the lights, raise the blinds. Send notifications and phone your chosen contacts. Set off the intruder alarm.

 Presence Simulation

Your intelligent home can simulate presence when you are away on holiday, keeping uninvited guests away. Lighting, shading, … are switched on and off as if you were at home.

Protection against storm, fire, water, …

Your Loxone Smart Home detects water ingress, fire, storm and more and reacts or alerts you immediately.


With the Loxone Smart Home, your data stays where it should be, in your Miniserver, in your  home. If monitoring or controlling your home when away, a secure connection (https) is provided.

Smart Home Options
We offer wired and wireless solutions

The hard wired solution lives in your smart home cabinet

Your hard wired solution

The Miniserver

This is the brains of your wireless smart home

Perfect for retro-fitting

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